Our History

   The tradition of antique shows in the mountain towns began in 1958 when Harriet Sisson conceived of and brought to reality a small show in Weston to support the Weston Playhouse. It consisted of only 12 – 15 dealers and was held in a local church. The Playhouse of that era burned to the ground in 1962 and was replaced by a much larger structure on the same site. The Weston Antiques Show has grown in both size and stature, moved into the new Playhouse, where some 35 dealer booths could be accommodated, as well as a dining area.

The Ludlow Antiques Show came next, beginning in 1964 and continuing to this day although, as with Weston, the venue has changed over the years.


Next to sign on was the Bromley Mountain Show in1977. The Bromley Show has moved in recent years, first to Magic Mountain and, in 2017 to Stratton Mountain. IN 2018, it combined at Stratton with the Vermont Antiques Dealers Association (VADA) show. The show has returned to Magic Mountain for Vermont Antiques Week 2020. 


Antiques in Vermont, a one-day show held in Manchester, VT, began in 1984. In 2017, the show venue, Riley Rink, became unavailable and the show closed. It was re-opened as a “Pickers’ Market” on Okemo the same year, where it will be held in 2018. This year Antiques in Vermont has moved to Flood Brook School and will have 40 dealers.


Last to join was Okemo in 1993 and has blossomed under two generations of show managers into the fine exhibition you will enjoy in 2020.


At some point, years ago and unrecorded, the managers of these shows decided that cooperation would serve them better than the competition and Vermont Antiques Week was born, a cooperative venture on the part of all five shows.


Vermont Antiques Week continues to involve five shows and over 200 dealers. While some shows might be categorized as “more formal” or “more country”, the fact is that all shows present a variety of merchandise, price points, and specialties and all are worthy of your visit.


We hope to see you at Vermont Antiques Week.